First Round (FR)
3:45 PM
4:30 PM
Second Round (SR)


Khanapara Teer Legacy


Gambling is always a matter of luck. So, we suggest everybody to leave gambling. But Teer is something different, something special, it is not just gambling but a legacy of Meghalaya culture, a legacy fo Meghalaya thought process, a legacy of checking your destiny. While playing the game of Teer one should have patience, patience, and patience. In case you do not get your number one day, you should calm down and check the next day. 

However, we give the better option, better formula so that yu should not make any lss any day. You should be in win-win situation, always, everyday. Please visit "Our Formula" page for more details.

Important Warning


In case somebody call you, message you or send mail, remember that they are FAKE. We never call /send sms / chat / send mail to anybody regarding anything related to TEER. So, do not entertain them. Or talk /deal with them at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any transaction with the FAKE people from your end.


Please understand and remember:

  • We are not involved in any kind of gambling.

  • We do not have any Counter or Table and we do not sell Teer/Lottery  tickets.

  • We do not help people by providing Sure Shot Numbers. Our predictions depend on certain mathematically formula, and does not necessarily hit everyday.  

  • Our site is for information purpose only.

  • We get the results from various online sources - websites, and apps.

  • We give a special "FORMULA" to safeguard your loss on certain conditions. 

Khanapara Teer Today 


Assam Teer Game or Guwahati Teer Game whatever you say, it is played only in Meghalaya and not in Assam at all. But as the location is nearby Guwahati bordering Assam and Meghalaya, usually people by mistake refer it as Assam Teer or Guwahati Teer. Get your Teer results faster than anyone else in both F / R (first round) and S / R (second round). Let's discuss the latest Teer Khela results, Assam target numbers, Common numbers, club charts / lists and the most influential hit numbers for Teer Targets. So let’s start this discussion about khanapara game (Assam Teer result) or Guwahati Teer Game.

As we informed above, the Khanapara Teer or Guwahati Teer officially does not exist. It is being played in remote areas of Meghalaya, the nearest city is Guwahati and nearest location is Khanapara,so it is commonly known as Khanapara Teer or Guwahati Teer. We suggest the residents of Assam not to involve in playing the gambling of Teer since it is illegal in Assam. 


Teer target numbers


"To covet is to sin and to sin leads to death." Since people become greedy and loss control on the way of playing this game, please make huge losses, constant losses, occasional losses and daily losses. You can not recover your losses on a single day. You can not make daily profits. Not Target Number can hit daily, no common number works daily, neither do the Dreams work constantly. 

Our team members are working hard to help you get your Target number on a regular basis to make you get profit. Our Khanapara Target numbers are working cool with our Khanapara customers who are our regular loyal customers. But they all know that it is a challenge to get our Target number hit daily, we are working to meet the challenge for you. We are constantly working on it. Believe in Teer Formula - believe in us..​

Blocked Numbers


Some numbers are blocked due to continuous Hit by some Teer Player.  This is the case specially with Khanapara Teer. Please collect the list from Counters of Teer before fixing your number.

Common numbers & Dream Numbers


Teer Common Numbers and Teer Dream Numbers are matter of deep study. Dream numbers are depending in certain study that was done by our Ancestors. They still believe on Dream numbers and they were successful playing Teer with their idea of Dream Numbers. But Common Numbers are different. For Common Numbers, you need to get the old results and have deep rooted study on the pattern of certain numbers.. They heavily work with some players. 

Khanapara Teer Hit Numbers


Making Formula to get Hit Number is just near to impossible. But our team is working day and night to work on such  a  formula. We are still not 100% successful, sometime it does not hit. So, please play on your own risk. We can not  guarantee. So we are trying anther formula so that no one should make any loss out of playing this game of Teer. Please visit  "Our Formula" page to know the details.

Khanapara Teer Results Confirmation


Assam Teer or Khanapara Teer whatsoever you name it,we find it hard when actually it was started. However, we have gone through the various websites available and decided to give you the service to provide daily results of Khanapara Teer. But we recommend the gamblers of Teer to confirm the results from the Teer Counters associated with their ticket.