Teer Prediction Juwai FR 21-02-2020

Juwai Teer FR Target Number can be derived from the Loshu Grid Magic Square. Date 21-02-2020, Time: 14:10 Driver Number : 3

Conductor Number 6 Repeat Numbers: 2 Four Times, 1 Three Times, 4 Once. Although Loshu Grid does not recognize 0, but Teer shall have to. Accordingly, we must note that 0 repeated for Four times. Numbers not available: 5,7,8,9 Target House Numbers: 3 & 6 Target Ending Numbers : 0,1,2,4 However, Please keep in mind that Predicted Target Number will change in case of difference in time of Teer Game. Please note that 'If Juwai Teer will be conducted differs the time today, there will be changes accordingly'.

For Example: If Juwai Teer FR is conducted at 2:15, then the Driver Number remains 3 but the Conductor Number will be 2, House number can be 3, 2

Ending numbers can include 5 with 0,1,2,4

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