Teer Target Number 22-01-2020

Juwai Teer FR Target Number can be derived from the Loshu Grid Magic Square.

Date 22-01-2020, Time: 14:10

Driver Number : 4

Conductor Number 6

Repeat Numbers: 2 Four Times, 1 Three Times, 4 Two Times.

Although Loshu Grid does not recognize 0, but Teer shall have to. Accordingly, we must note that 0 repeated for Four times.

Numbers not available: 3,5,7,8,9

Target House Numbers: 4 & 6

Target Ending Numbers : 0,1,2,4

However, Please keep in mind that Predicted Target Number will change in case of difference in time of Teer Game.

Incidentally, Juwai Teer was conducted at 14:15 today, so there were changes

Driver Number: 9

Conductor Number: 5

Numbers not available : 3, 7, 8

Target House Number: 9 and 5

Target Ending Numbers : 0,1,2,4,5

The Result was partially correct: 59, House Number is correct.

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