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shillong teer

3:30 PM
First Round (FR)


4:30 PM
Second Round (SR)


History of Shillong Teer


Shillong witnessed a devastating earthquake on 12th June 1897. It ruined the city that was developed with the dream vision of Sir David Scott and the First City of North East India for around 70 years. Early name of Shillong was Lewduh. After the Earthquake, the financial condition of locals became too bad to survive. It is believed that sometime after the Earthquake,, people started placing bets on Teer.

Archery has been the traditional sport of the Khasi tribe of Meghalaya for centuries. But in due course of time, when people were lacking proper source of income, Archery sport has been converted to gambling and money making game.


Teer was suddenly banned in the 1970s. The police started raiding Teer counters and archery games. As the newly-formed state of Meghalaya realised it could be a good source of revenue, in 1982 Teer – or betting on archery – was legalised. It is now controlled under the Meghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax (Amendment) Act 1982.

Important Warning


In case somebody call you, message you or send mail, remember that they are FAKE. We never call /send sms / chat / send mail to anybody regarding anything related to TEER. So, do not entertain them. Or talk /deal with them at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any transaction with the FAKE people from your end.


Please understand and remember:

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  • We do not help people by providing Sure Shot Numbers. Our predictions depend on certain mathematically formula, and does not necessarily hit everyday.  

  • Our site is for information purpose only.

  • We get the results from various online sources - websites, and apps.

  • We give a special "FORMULA" to safeguard your loss on certain conditions. 

Shillng Teer Results


There are two rounds of Shillong Teer everyday. The First Round at  3:45 pm and Second Round at 4:40 pm. We get the instant results from Apps & Websites that are reliable and provide in this site for your information.


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Teer target numbers

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Common numbers & Dream Numbers


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Shillong Teer Hit Numbers


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Shillong Teer Results Confirmation


Though we confirm the results from all available sources, we recommend the gamblers of Teer to confirm the results from the Teer Counters associated with their ticket.