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A lot of Experts provide Teer Target Numbers after  lot of calculations. We find such experts and understand their calculations. We check their success rate and decide to hire their service in our portal.

However, this service can not be provided FREE of cost because we need to pay them a large amount. Therefore, we charge a small amount from our customers to provide Target Numbers. 

As our valuable customers are investing a good amount of money in buying Teer tickets and Target Numbers, we started the new service to Safeguard your hard earned money i.e. the Magic Formula.

Teer Common numbers Versus Teer Target numbers

Teer common numbers are calculated with many tested formula, and previous week same day result, etc. With such calculation we get many numbers and out of which we choose the common numbers and publish them in our website.

Whereas Teer target numbers Teer Target numbers are extracted from the last step based on current teer pattern and many secret formula that only a teer player can develop, who have more than 15 - 20 years of experience.


There are no 100% surety of success everyday. Now  forget Dream Numbers. Our Numbers will be the Hot & Hit numbers.

But, our Magic Formula is something special. You will only make Profit, profit and profit. Only you need to fulfill certain simple conditions. You can earn Rs.10000 or more everyday.

If interested, please visit our 'MAGIC FORMULA' page and follow the instructions.

Best of luck !

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